Ocean of Pearls: It is in the collision between the old and new that we find out who we are.

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We humbly apologize for the long delay in the DVD release. Please buy at least one extra copy for a family or friend and help us reach 100,000 copies so that we can break even and make other quality films that unite us in the common shared values of humanity.

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If you like other options besides credit card, our fax number is 1.248.641.4790 (USA) or call us at 1.248.952.0450 (USA) or email us us with your request.
Thank you for your patience with the delay in our DVD release.



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Orders of 100 DVDs

Thank you very much for buying a DVD of Ocean of Pearls which was a labour of love of over 10 years for us. We request each family to buy 5 copies

1) for your children's
2) for your place of
3) for your neighbor
4) for your local library
5) for your local law
     agency or
     interfaith group

Please remember we spend 100 dollars for lots of things without even thinking about it and this is for a good cause to bring us closer as humanity.