Thank you to all who interned for the film "Ocean of Pearls". Opportunities may be available for future productions. If you would like to work on similar projects and gain valuable experience in the process of filmmaking, please send your resume to:

Lightpost Pictures
P.O. Box 99411
Troy, Michigan 48099-9411

It is my wish that some day you will have the opportunity to tell your own stories and encourage others to do the same. Let this be our start.

Scholarship: If this project proves successful, I would like to work with interested members of the community to offer scholarships to students for pursuing careers in the arts and journalism who want to properly portray Sikhs in their films. The Sikh community is currently under-served in these two areas, and it is essential that we are pro active to support students in the arts and journalism who are making positive efforts in telling our stories.

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