Ocean of Pearls: It is in the collision between the old and new that we find out who we are.

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"A masterpiece strengthening identity issues...truly inspiring. A MUST SEE!"
          - Tushar Unadkat, Mukta Advertising, Toronto

"...your movie got to me...... conflicts within discrimination, family, romantic love, wealth, ethics, morality, and the need for acceptance is portrayed with power and drama....How much have any of us given away of our choices, our freedom, our passions, ourselves in compromise and without even knowing it, without questioning it.....Thanks for illuminating that and also that an individual does have a choice and that there are values only determined within oneself. Bravo"
          - Brad Hallock - Miami

"Our programming committee was absolutely floored by its spirit and vision.."
          - Abraham Ferrer, Visual Communications, Los Angeles

"Absolutely moving. A must see for people of all cultures and backgrounds."
          - Anu, Toronto

"Moving, Gripping, realistic.... loved the film. One you can watch over and over still learn something new everytime..make the time to watch it."
          - Reema Lakhani, Toronto

"Excellent movie. I have no words to describe how good this movie was. Touched my heart."
          - Kulwinder Kaur, Toronto

"Beautiful movie.... well made."
          - Amar Manjal, Mumbai, India

"...a beautiful film..."
          - Patrick De Bokay, Director, Miami International Film Festival

"Fabulously told....a very human experience...."
          - Al Blake, North Bay Village

"Excellent film!"
          - Teresa Di Cairave, Montreal

"As ... part of the Christian community, I found this movie enthralling. I am looking forward to bringing my family to see it."
          - Toronto

"...an amazing film..."
          - Dahlia Waingort, First Time Film Festival, Los Angeles

"Amazingly beautiful and simple."
          - De Souza Nila, Toronto

".... simply stunning....very powerful movie, with an even more powerful message."
          - Kelley Koshima, Toronto

"Captivating....Heartfelt...exceptionally well documented."
          - Rachelle Carrie, Miami

"Tugs at the heart strings. Profound in the simplicity of its message. LOVED IT!! Well Done!"
          - Jag, Toronto

"Absolutely fabulous...truly moving.."
          - Christie Yamron, Miami

"I felt captured by the first scene and it never left me throughout the film. I love it, the acting was fabulous and the story was captivating and very educational. Excellent Job."
          - Cecile Bergeron, Laguna Woods

          - Sevil Arli, Los Angeles

"..deeply moving and inspiring...touches people at their core...."
          - Elikai

"exquisitely profound & moving...touches the depths of your heart...reminds you of the resiliency of human kind"
          - Ashley Uyeda, Los Angeles

"..beautifully realized coming-of-age story....a poignant film in light of current events and geopolitics."
          - Randy Mulkey, Los Angeles

"Coming from a different religious upbringing, it was an incredible to experience "soul searching" through the Sikh faith."
          - Tyler Rameras, Playa Del Ray

"Emotional, gripping....."
          - Lisa Haskins, Grand Rapids, MI

"Absolutely enthralling...brilliant piece....wish I could .....show my friends.."
          - Roberto, East Lansing

"Like its' title, the film is a sea of treasures----the casting, acting, storyline and cinematography are all outstanding."
          - Colleen brice, Grand Rapids, MI

"Great movie! Beautifully done"
          - David Giometti, Lake Forest, IL

"Excellent. Visually beautiful. Deals with real problems..medical administration..."
          - Monica Nahm, Kalamazoo, MI

"Gripping, moving, deeply thought provoking...."
          - Saugatuck, MI

"..visually stunning journey of self-discovery..."
          - Richard and Linda Glaser, Ada, MI

"Excellent....shows the importance of values"
          - Susan Ricci, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

"..moving, compelling...without pretense"
          - Joy Sheng, MI

"..powerful film all people should relate to..."
          - Bloomfield Hills, MI

"..preservation of values at any cost...emotional, beautifully done"
          - Maha Jano, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Amazing!..took my breath away!"
          - Hayley McInerney

"...impressed with the texture of the film....falls on universal bones.."
          - Andrew Coubourough, Troy, MI

"...nicely done, moving and tasteful, and very beautiful."
          - Claire Brender, MI

"One of the best movies I have ever seen...."
          - Debbie McInerney, Troy, MI

“a great drama…. well done, providing insight, understanding, and the enjoyment of a great film”
          - Seth Tennyson, Indianapolis

“… I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt a part of the struggle.” Elaine Alhand, Indianapolis
“Transcends culture to demonstrate the personal journey all of us face in life…”
          - Pam Roach, Indianapolis

“Touching and thought provoking, a real 10”
          - Cheryl Keeler, Indianapolis

“This movie reminds me very much of my own journey of struggling with my own spiritual doubts and the journey back to a pure life…”
          - Julie Hunter, Indianapolis

“Ocean of Pearls is a powerful and eye opening film with an incredible story…All people of all cultures should see this movie.”
          - Chant Choi, New York

“I like how explained how America is through different eyes, not just the eyes of majorities. It was wonderful how you explained/answered the unspoken questions, about these places that aren’t so unknown”
          - A ten year old from New York

“…incredibly moving and enlightening… I won’t forget what I learned.”
          - Rosalie Siler, New York

“..excellent film that addresses issues of faith and identity, well written and acted”
          - Georgia Silvers, Indianapolis

Powerful Story – of the human spirit and how we can slip away – one decision at a time – until we lose ourselves. The beauty of the music, the colors and the sense of the challenges living in two worlds. Thank You!”
          - Carol Myers, Indianapolis

“ Very professionally done – would like to see another film by you soon”
          - Judy Watson, Indianapolis

“This film was awe-inspiring. I really liked the connection to a modern conflict. AMAZING MOVIE!”
          - Indianapolis

“HEART WARMING, everyone should see this movie, an excellent story.”
          - Mary Lou Warminski, Indianapolis

“it’s great to see authenticity – in characteristics & esp seeing a Sikh guy on screen. It’s funny I was thinking of going to cut my hair today. But I may reconsider it. Thanks Dr. Neelam!”
          - New Jersey

“Now this is great quality cinema. Astonishingly brilliant, moving, engaging and inspirational. A true powerhouse! Not to be missed.”
          - Michelle Hunt, Bronx NY

“Interesting, provocative… makes a dialogue possible. Such issues are not always talked about.”
          - Surpreet Machanda, San Francisco

“I think this movie addresses and illustrates some very timely challenges in today’s “melting pot” of the US and it does it in a beautiful and original way… it has kept me captivated and inspired and I’m looking forward to the next work of this director!”
          - Himanshu Gupta, Boston


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